Thursday, April 6, 2017

Texas Culture

There are many countries around the world famous for their large cities. For example, there is Paris, France, Rome, Italy, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Often capitals, the cities are usually large and vibrant. However, what really sets them apart from all of the other cities in the world is their unique culture. In Rome people are known to eat pasta and pizza, in Paris there are tourist attractions such as the Eiffel tower, and in Rio are the most beautiful beaches. Although large cities such as the ones listed above do hold many wonders, there is almost never a time to learn about other cultures. In this post, I will introduce you to Texas.

Texans are commonly thought of as Cowboys dressed in boots, shiny belts, and have guns in their pockets. That is not the case. Most Texans are like everyone else in America, and celebrate the same things as others. Texans are like everyone else except for when the rodeo comes to town. The rodeo is an exhibition of Cowboys. Every year men train to compete in the rodeo contests. Some well-known competitions are bull riding and barrel racing. Although many people come to see the Cowboys, there are other attractions.

Surrounding the stadium in which the Cowboy contests take place, there is a fair. As you walk through the fair you will see exciting rides and food stalls.  You will also see many pieces of clothing or decorative items made from livestock animals. Leather bags, shoes, cow skins, and wool blankets are very popular. Inside another building on the same campus are the animals. Farmers bring their biggest animals to be seen by a panel of judges. Whoever has the biggest animals wins!

After you walk around the fair, and have seen the cowboys, there is a concert. Many major artists such as Alicia Keys and The Chainsmokers come to Houston, Texas to perform. Country singers come as well. The concerts are astounding, and everyone finds themselves talking about them for weeks.

The Texas rodeo experience is something I truly thought I would never have. Though it was a surprise, I really enjoyed my time there. I would encourage anyone interested in Cowboys and Indians, farming, and music to come.