Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wine Country

North America is a large continent with over nine million square miles of land. On this land, there are mountains, plains, rivers, animals, people, and many other living organisms. The continent is divided into fifty states. Some are cold, some warm, some flat, some mountainous; it depends on where you are. In this post, I will draw your attention to one specific state, the state of California, and will particularly focus on the wine country.
California, for the most part, is a hilly state. It depends on where you go, but it is famous for its beautiful coast with large hills rising all around. As you begin to drive into the hills you will start to notice vineyard. The beautiful landscapes on which the vineyards grow stretch out for miles, and every single one has a house nearby. Almost all of the buildings you see will offer wine tasting sessions.

The wine is made from the grapes that those people grow on their land, and the taste is unique to every house. If you like the wine they have to make, you can ask to order a certain amount of bottles a month. Every month you would receive a package with how ever many bottles you ordered for a year.

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