Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Harp

"So it's true he thought, it's really true."

The little boy was walking his dog in the woods. Wonderful green evergreens rose all around him, and the stream trickled along. The birds were chirping happily, and squirrels were scurrying about the trees.  The dog sniffed his surrounding relentlessly, so many new smells in the Spring. It was the perfect afternoon.

The boy sat down on a large rock by the river. He had some thinking to do. What would happen when she left. Susan, his wonderful big sister, was in love. She wanted to marry! Surely not, he had never seen the man. Or had he? She constantly talked about him, but did she really want to marry?  The boy bombarded himself with questions. He sat there, hands in his hair, confused. Everything was quiet until someone else entered the woods.

"Where are you taking me?" a girl asked. The boy recognized her voice. Susan. He ran through the trees until he reached a place where he could see the couple. It was her, and that man. Mark.
“Shhhh. Close your eyes,” said the Mark. Susan giggled. Mark placed his hands over her eyes so that she might not be able to peek through. “Almost there.” They clumsily stumbled about the rocks, wide smiles across their faces, until they came to the river bank. “Open.” She opened her eyes, and before her was a harp. She looked at him, bewildered. Mark sat on the round rock the harp was propped on, and began to play. It was a beautiful tune, and brought Susan to tears. She clapped vigorously,
“Well done!” she laughed. Mark walled towards her. An air of seriousness filled the air. The boy was scared. Was it true? Mark slowly knelt down by Susan’s feet, and pulled a ring out of his pocket.
“Susan, will you marry me?” She stood there in silence, surprised. It took her a moment to process what he had just said. Her dreams had come true.

            She leaped onto him.
            “Yes!” she exclaimed. It had happened. The boy stood there. What was to happen next?

Mark was taking the ring out of the box when a robin flew in-between them. The bird had swooped down so fast it made him lose his balance, and the ring went flying through the air. Plop. The ring fell into the river. Mark jumped in, desperately trying to retrieve the ring. The boy had seen enough, and left at the sight of the ripples Mark made in the water.

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